The client needed a brand new website to attract a young audience featuring different kind of content such as articles, video and images on very different topics, politics, culture, technology, etc..

Information you don’t want to hear

A brand new website with a young and creative feel, to appeal the selected audience, address the topics with light heart and ease the navigation.



A website to easily get the opinion of the counterparty

Opinion Sorter allows you to categorize your contents in relation to those of other users. For each site’s content you can easily find, in the sidebar, contents that disagree or agree. If there are none, you can create them.


Concept design
Development of design in harmony with the brand identity
Web development
Development of the necessary code for the proper functioning
Responsive design
Site elements adapt to fit the size of the device screen in use
Search engine optimization
Implementation of the best SEO techniques
Image editing
Image editing to create an homogeneous and representative look
Reputation monitoring
Monitoring of the brand reputation on the web
Social networks monitoring
Control and moderate user interactions on social networks
Performe routine updates, upgrades and overall maintenance