Find the contrary opinion
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The problem

In the information era, disinformation and misinformation are fought with filters. Filtering can easily become censoring. In the name of war against fake news, real news loses, because a thousand fake news are better than one censored real information.

We don’t believe in any authority defining what’s true and what’s not, because “The pure and simple truth is rarely pure and never simple” (cit Oscar Wilde).  We don’t believe in political correctness as subordination of truth to feelings. We believe that hearing one version of the story is never enough to form an opinion, but finding other versions often needs time for research.

The solution

A search engine to easily get the counterargument to any opinion. We believe that in the era of (dis/mis)information filtering is not the solution.
Opinions are not created equal, learn to judge them is up to you though.
Conpinion ease the finding of opposing opinions to help the world develop critical thinking.


The website has been developed using Bootstrap framework for the frontend, Node.js for the backend and PostgreSQL for the database.