The Instagram of wallpapers
Image module
The problem

Companies, designers and photographers have to wait for users to search for wallpapers on their websites or on websites that collect wallpapers. They cannot know when, who and how many people got their image on their desktop. They can’t direct users from the wallpaper on their desktop to an external URL.

Users have no app to get nice wallpapers of today about personal interests with no efforts. They always have to search for a new one when the old one got extremely boring but searching for a new wallpaper is even more boring. Most of the time they can’t know who is the author of the wallpaper that is on their screen.

The solution

Desktip allows you to get high quality wallpapers of today straight on desktop with no efforts. You could set it once in your life and get a different wallpaper about your interests every minute, forever, for free. If you want to know more about the wallpaper or its author you can tap on the “find out more” button.

Registering on you automatically get your own channel and upload your own wallpapers to show them on your followers’ background, live! You can even direct them to your own website through the “find out more” button. You can use Desktip to inform, promote your works, products or services.