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Experience designers
Experience designers
The metaphor behind Multiverso’s philosophy falls into theoretical physic. The logo is a geometric manifold that represents the smallest unit of time-space possible. At that scale 6 extradimensions exist beyond the familiar 4 of time-space. In the same way, the company creative approach to design and development of big events is aimed to create a multidimensional experience where technology and design take the visitor to other worlds. Worlds where all senses are stimulated to impress and communicate clients’ values, products and services.

Multiverso is a division of Illogic s.r.l., italian company specialized in development and production of advanced technology in the realm of extended reality and artificial intelligence. The know-how and experience in the technological world is taken to the entertainment world as general contractor for businesses’ big events.
Through its vast network of partners and internal effort, Multiverso takes care of everything concerning design, development, production and management of pavilions, booth, expos and museums.


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